About Me

Hello there Internet People!

Version 2

My name is Kelsey and I am a second year grad student and academic library intern attempting to end up with her MLIS (Master of Library and Information Studies) in the next year or so. Afterward, onward to an academic librarian spot (hopefully) and then PhD Landia. Land. I definitely meant land. Obviously.

With three cats, a Westie, a bearded dragon, leopard gecko, and an axolotl, my life was pretty interesting BEFORE school started . . . and well. Interesting is still a good word. (Please note that my animals are my first priority and are extremely well cared for, as you will see if you follow along with me.) Here you’ll find the chronicles of my misadventures during grad school and working in a university library (often including my roomie, who also happens to be my awesome sister) and way too many quotes. When I have time, possibly also some short stories and excerpts from longer pieces I’m writing and my attempts at DIYing . I’m a fantasy nerd, a postcard enthusiast, proud Slytherin,  and an avid reader.

Consider yourselves warned.


Oh, and did I mention the OCD? Yep. I’m a properly diagnosed member of the Obsessive Compulsive Super Secret Society Club (it exists . . . or does it?!), so you’ll also get to hear . . . er, read . . . some first hand stories about my experiences with that particular monster. It’s not all hand washing and neatness, either, dearies. Not at all. But it can definitely be amusing after the fact. Laughter is important when anxiety is involved.

Which is a given when you’re in library school.


Er, grad school.