About Me

Hello there Internet People!

I’m Kelsey. I work in a library. Because a lot of librarians work in libraries. Technically, I am a second year grad student attempting to end up with my MLIS (Master of Library and Information Studies) in the vaguely near future but life keeps changing my plans for me. This happens pretty often, so mostly I’ve gotten over it.

I’ve been working in a public library for over a year now, and in that time I’ve collected a lot of patron stories that apparently need to be shared. You people who keep saying I should write these down–here you go. The plan is to at least attempt entertaining you with the tales that come from working the reference desk at a public library. One with a large population of college students working on figuring out life–instant fun. To be fair, all people are trying to figure out life. I won’t be including any real names, any identifying information, so on and so forth here because that would be uncool. I’m not even planning on telling you where I work, so ha! Stories may also be ever so slightly embellished because its fun, but all are based in real things that have actually happened to me or coworkers at the reference desk.

Oh, and did I mention the OCD? Yep. I’m a properly diagnosed member of the Obsessive Compulsive Super Secret Society Club (it exists . . . or does it?!), so you’ll also get to hear . . . er, read . . . some first hand stories about my experiences with that particular monster.  Not at all. But it can definitely be amusing after the fact. Laughter is important when anxiety is involved.

Which is a given when you’re in library school. Or working at a reference desk.