About that Disclaimer


Just a note . . .

My rambles here are just that, my rambles. Please know that the opinions here are not those of my university or classmates, and that I am not a therapist or doctor. When I discuss my OCD, it’s just that, a discussion of what’s happening for me and how I cope. Please only take advice from medical professionals, reach out to the appropriate ones for help, and do your own research. Do feel free to ask me questions about my experiences, but please only ever take advice from those qualified to give it-aka not me! 🙂 My experience is unique, as is yours. This is also a good spot for me to say that there are SO many mental health resources and so many people who want to help you. You are not alone, no matter what your struggle may be.

I am also only one grad student in one grad program, so know that my experiences will not be the same as anyone else’s, nor should they be looked to as anything but one person’s ideas and opinions. And certainly not those of my profession. I also only work in one library, and the stories I share never have real names, places, dates, etc. within them. A little fiction never hurts to make the truth more fun. 😉

Please do not share any personal images I post here.

Thanks guys!